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New Opportunities for Investing in Food Systems

11 Nov 2019 11:44 AM | Jenny Ladd (Administrator)

Dear Jenny,

We hope you have been enjoying the fall foliage as much as we have! It is quite a sight as we travel through the hills and valleys of western Massachusetts.

One important part of the PVGrows Investment Fund's mission is to preserve our beautiful open land by financing and strengthening our local farms. As such, we have experienced a recent uptick in the number of farms reaching out to us. Greg Bolduc and Harrison Bardwell are great examples of a younger generation taking up the mantle of farming. Chip Garbiel also came to us to repair his barns in order to "leave the farm in good shape for the next generation of farmers." (Read more about their farms below.) Working towards ensuring there is another generation of farmers is yet another important aspect of preserving open land. 

By investing in local farms through PVGIF, you help support our shared natural resources -- protecting land, preserving habitat, building soil, growing and harvesting food, and improving our quality of life. Thank you again for being a part of it!


John Waite                                Rebecca Busansky

President, PVGIF                      Program Manager, PVGIF

Executive Director, FCCDC      413-774-7204 ext. 112

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The PVGrows Investment Fund has raised $1.9 million from our community members to date! These investments have played a critical role in supporting our local food system. Thank you for being a part of this!


Recent Financing News 

PVGIF closed on four new loans in the past six months. We have provided financing to 35 farm and local food borrowers to date. We have no defaults, one delinquency, and two loans being restructured. There is currently $529,587 available to lend with a robust pipeline of potential borrowers. In fact, three new deals,

representing $320,000 in financing, will be voted on by the FCCDC Loan Committee next week.

Garbiel Farms 

Loan Date: May

Purpose: Barn Renovations

Two of the historic barns at Garbiel Farms have shiny new roofs. Garbiel Farms, located in Montague, is one of the largest farms in Franklin County at over 400 acres. Karl “Chip” Garbiel is a third-generation family farmer. This picturesque property is protected by the State’s Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program, which protects the land from non-agricultural development. Chip is working to prepare the farm for the next generation of farmers.

Chip received a farm infrastructure grant from the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources. The PVGrows Investment Fund provided bridge funding to support construction until the grant reimbursement funds were made available.

Bolduc Farm 

Loan Date: May

Loan Purpose: Working Capital

Greg Bolduc began farming his land in Westfield in 2012. He works to provide fresh, healthy food to the local community by raising and harvesting fresh beef, pork, chicken and vegetables available at the Bolduc Farmstand and local restaurants. Bolduc believes in the importance of keeping land open and works to ensure his own land is healthy and sustainable.

Bardwell Farm 

Loan Date: June

Purpose: Greenhouse

As an eleventh-generation farmer, one could say that 

farming is in Harrison Bardwell’s blood. Harrison farms roughly 15-acres on family land as well as rented land. Bardwell Farm’s main outlet is a self-service farmstand, located on the home farm. Bardwell Farm is expanding with PVGIF bridge financing for a new greenhouse which will extend the season and give customers a covered place to shop in inclement weather. This is to be repaid upon completion through a MDAR MEGA grant.

Bardwell Farm’s mission statement says it best, “Our commitment to the community is this: we strive to grow a quality product, while having a positive impact

on the environment, and educating our customers about the benefits of eating and shopping for locally grown food."


Flat Rock Farm 

Loan Date: September

Loan Purpose: High-Efficiency Boiler

Flat Rock Farm, located in Chesterfield, is a 130-acre farm producing heritage beef, wood-fired maple products, wildflower honey, and sustainable timber products. Founded in 2005, owners Jonathan and Kate Parrott work to produce sustainably healthy products. “We strongly believe in low-impact local food production as we interpret climate change as intensifying food insecurity. Additionally, the boiler system we have chosen has the potential to dramatically reduce both carbon emissions as well as fuel costs.” PVGIF financing is needed to install the high-efficiency boiler. This bridge financing will be repaid by grant funding upon completion.



Ongoing Business Assistance 

In addition to financing, PVGIF provides free and low-cost business support to farm and food businesses that seek to grow and expand. We offer assistance with marketing, accounting, financing, business planning and more to build the capacity of entrepreneurs requesting financing.

To get started, entrepreneurs submit an inquiry to PVGIF. Click here to view the PVGIF Inquiry Form.

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