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Welcome to Invest Here Now, promoting local investing for the rest of us
in the Pioneer Valley, western Massachusetts, and northeast United States.

Who We Are

Invest Here Now supports secure, creative local investing to move our region's money from Wall Street to our Main Street here in the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts.

We also support investment diversification across neighboring regions.

Membership is free and open to anyone interested in local or community investing. Sign Up to connect with other investors in your area and to help us educate and organize local investors.

Move Your Assets Presentation 1/13/2014

What We Do

  • Educate each other about local investing
  • Organize public presentations by speakers from the investing community
  • Provide support for new investors
  • Collaborate with community investment projects
  • Work with the business community to identify and develop investment prospects

Self-Directed IRAs

If you have a traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA or a 401(k) you can convert it to a self-directed IRA which will allow you to invest retirement funds in our local economy. Here are some resources to help you do that:



The Ujima Fund is a democratic investment vehicle raising capital to finance small businesses, real estate and infrastructure projects in Boston’s working-class Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, as part of the larger Boston Ujima Project (“Ujima”). Ujima, named for the Swahili word for collective work and responsibility, uses a participatory budgeting process in combination with traditional underwriting to put economic development decisions in the hands of community members. The Ujima Fund is raising capital from investors and institutions from across the country, Ujima Voting Members (current and displaced working class Boston residents, grassroots partner organizations, community business owners and their employees) and Solidarity Members (non-voting members). The Boston Ujima Project invites investors from all walks to join us in financing an economy that grows local wealth in our city and builds community power for social change. 


Berkshire Bank has partnered with The Runway Project to create the Friends & Family Fund CD to help close the racial wealth gap by investing in communities of color, providing entrepreneurs of color access seed capital to launch the businesses of their dreams.

About The Runway Project
The Runway Project is a national initiative solving the ‘Friends & Family’ seed funding gap for entrepreneurs of color by providing early stage funding options and holistic business support as a wealth-building strategy.

  • On average, friends and family invest $60 billion a year into early-stage businesses. The average amount of capital required to start a business is $30,000.
  • African Americans are starting businesses at a rate that outpaces the majority. In the U.S., black women in particular, are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs.


After years of talking about a local investment club, it's finally here, thanks to Common Good and William Spademan!

Please join us in forming the Western Mass Common Good Investment Club, giving individuals and organizations in Western Massachusetts, including individuals of average means, a way to use our savings collectively to provide funding for important community-spirited undertakings in the region, especially those undertakings that have difficulty attracting other funding, as an alternative to traditional profit-motivated investing.

The basic idea is that we each put some money in the pool, then we get together quarterly (online or in person) to make investment decisions. Common Good's investment club software will be used for convenient handling of the finances. Here is the proposed Partnership Agreement.

Join the Coop’s 2019/20 Capital Campaign

Help capitalize the Leverett Village Co-op in a time of great need and great opportunity. We see the potential for growth in the restaurant and market, and want to continue, and thrive! The Co-op has been in the community since 1985 and needs an infusion of capital to make infrastructure changes and improve refrigeration.

We are looking for minimal loans of $1000 or above.  Our goal is a $300,000 capitalization.  Contact the President of the Co-op, Susan Lynton, if you want more information at

Sadie's Bikes: A New Bike Shop in Greenfield - looking for start up support. 

My name is Nik! I’ve been building bikes and becoming part of the community in Greenfield, Massachusetts for many years. I’m working towards launching a bike shop in the heart of downtown that can offer support for new and experienced cyclists. The shop will be an inclusive space to learn, and a platform for exploration and curiosity.

The Local Investing Resource Center is now open! Lots of great info for local investors.

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